Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After days in bed...

Well, I'm finally back up out of bed. Not quite sure what it is that I get when I come down here to AZ but seems every year, I pick up a bug on the way down or have an allergy to something down here. Anyways, I've been in bed for the last 4 or so days. I'm up today... Al wanted to go to the Barrett-Jackson auction so I told him that I would drop him off. That gives me ALL day to hit the shops :)

I know you are all thinking I'm out fabric shopping but SURPRISE, I'm not. I went out to the clothing stores to get some walking shoes, knit pants and sleeveless tops. We've decided to go to the gym everyday to work out ... hasn't happenned because I was sick but starting tomorrow it will. I didn't bring much to wear to a gym. Most of my spring/summer clothes were getting pretty sad. I lucked out, found some great sales and got everything I needed. So now I'm relaxing at a bakery (no treats, I don't want to have to work off any more pounds than the ones wrapped around my waist right now) and having a chance to get online.

As I was wandering around the web today, I found a really cute site with a bird block. I'm planning on making this one. It's just too cute. Here's a link to it... http://www.littlemissshabby.com/2011/01/birdie-stitches-block-1/
I guess break time is over... I need to continue shopping. We still need some baking supplies so that I can make Al some cookies tonight.


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys!! I will check on the house this weekend.. we got dumped on last night- LOTS OF SNOW and the temp has dropped big time :o( HAVE FUN!


scraphappydenise said...

glad you're feeling better.... nothing like being sick and away from "home".

Rebecca P said...

Oh Deb, So sorry to hear you were ill. Isn't it weird how one gets ill when traveling? I seem to always get ill after flying.
Glad you are in warmer temps. Have a good time.

Northern Deb said...

Thanks everyone. I'm feeling so much better today. I plan to do a little sewing later today... your blocks will soon be on the way Rebecca :)

Laura VanVleet said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for your nice words about my birdie block!! Nice to meet another northern michigander! lol Irons is east of Ludington, SW of Cadillac. We do love Michigan! Can't wait to see what you create for your birdie block! Laura