Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amish Block Swap and walking around Arizona

I finished up my two blocks for the Amish Block Swap we were doing on BC. If anyone was a member of BC and is wondering what happened, contact me and I'll let you know where we are meeting. BC is still down and we're not sure if it will ever be up again. In the meantime Dorene has set up a Yahoo group so that we can all chat and do our swaps. This is the block that I've made for the Amish swap. I designed it myself... might be something similar out there. I wanted a block that had the feeling of an amish quilt in block size.
Drawing of the winning names will be coming up soon.... first of Feb! Good luck!
This is me walking around my BIL's subdivision by Superstition Mountain. Al and I are trying to walk everyday and so far are doing well. There sure are some beautiful homes out here. We've been checking out the more modern versions of desert southwest. Hoping to get some ideas for our new home in Michigan..... IF ours ever sells. I don't have a problems with it never selling since I really love the place we're at right now. But if it does, then I'm ready to design something totally different from anything I've ever done before. VERY modern, clean lines and small. What am I going to do with my huge collection of fabric, you ask? OK, not THAT small :) Got to have a big sewing room no matter what. I can live with two bedrooms, a smaller kitchen, smaller great room, etc but I have to have my large sewing area and walk in fabric closet.
My hand is still in a splint and typing is very hard to do. It's getting better, the swelling has gone down somewhat and that's the reason I did a little sewing. And I hope the little bit I did doesn't hurt the progress I've made. I'm just dying to work in my Dr. Suess quilt... I've drawn it up and now I need to do some cutting. Today Al and I are out at an outside mall (I'm in Starbucks getting coffee and wi-fi) where we'll get him some socks and underwear plus get some walking in. I'm going to take some pictures of a fountain they have here... it's so cool... it's a fireplace with a waterfall in front of it! I would love to design one of these for the new house... maybe in the yard?


Impera_Magna said...

Your Amish block turned out very nicely!

Rebecca P said...

Hey Deb, looks like you are enjoying the warm weather in AZ. Glad you arm is getting better.
Love you Amish block, very pretty. Got mine done, just need to post a photo.

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