Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today I started spring cleaning. I started with my bedroom. I know we've been gone for two months but where did all this DUST come from? Seems like everything needed a good wipe down... the ceiling fan was the WORST! We have an 11' ceiling in the bedroom so I needed to take the mattresses off the bed so that I could put a ladder in that area so that I could reach the fan. I'm not as steady as I used to be so this was a scary job for me. Almost lost my balance once but grabbed ahold of the fan (luckily it held!) to steady myself.
I got the windows washed inside and out... the baseboards nice and clean... vacumned under and around everything... even cleaned out a few drawers. When I moved this plant to clean around it, I found that it had attached itself to the wall (in quite a few places) and was slowly crawling up it! Guess it's been longer than I thought since I did some major cleaning... wonder how long it takes for a plant to grow this much.
Mom, if you're reading this, I REALLY am not that bad of a housekeeper... I just have a REALLY green thumb!!


Rebecca P said...

Is it that time again? I know my house needs a good spring cleaning but I'm dreading it. Good for you for tackling the job so soon. Now you can just enjoy the the starting days of spring.
Glad you are home safe & sound. How is Al doing?
Oh, I am so glad you like the border for your guilt. I did worry over it, but I'm so glad it turned out.

Northern Deb said...

Al is doing much better... got his meds straightened out. His knee is still bothering him but that doesn't stop him. Just a matter of time and he'll have to have knee surgery.
Today is MORE cleaning... then I'm going to reward myself with some sewing time :)

Scrapatches said...

LOL ... love your green thumb comment, Deb! However ... I have one of those plants in a hanging pot in my bedroom that I am always tucking the long trailers up and over the top so there is now no way I can ever take the pot down and set it anywhere without breaking the plant. It is the only plant that just keeps growing in my house ... so I know you do not need a green thumb (which I do not have) to grow one. Maybe I should just let it take over the wall ... ;-) Pat

Sherry said...

So when are you coming to my house? lol

Northern Deb said...

LOL, Pat... well, darn, I guess if it's not my green thumb that got it to grow so nicely onto the wall, it must have been my lack of moving it and cleaning back there. Loves that dirty dusty corner!

Sherry, if I come over there STILL won't be any cleaning done... sounds like an excuse to have a sewing party!

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