Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bright Reds ...mmmmm

Stopped by the LQS shop today to pick up some BRIGHT REDS for the strip swap on http://www.blockcentral.com/ (click on FORUM).... These look kind of orange in the photo but they are nice bright reds... SO PRETTY. I can't wait until these start arriving in my mailbox.

I'm adding the final rows to the my bright charm quilt today. It's 8 blocks x 10 blocks right now (4' x 5'). I think it needs a little more length and then it will get a plain white border (the same fabric used diagonally in the blocks. The binding, choosen by my DD Jenn, will be orange. Not sure what I'll use as a backing yet... I'll have to did through my large pieces and see what works with it. Maybe I'll let Jenn chose it since she wants this quilt.

1 comment:

Rebecca P said...

Such nice reds, I have mine washed & ready to cut. I do love doing these swaps, such a great way to add to our stash.

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