Monday, March 22, 2010

How did you spend QUILTING DAY? I had the blues :)

This is my attempt to make the Mother's Choice block.

This weekend was my weekend to sew! I had a great time down in my sewing room stitching the hours away. Al had to work so I spent a good portion of that time sewing and then a little time cooking and baking.

I put in a few hours on my block for the FAVORITE BLOCK swap. My block choice was Mother's Choice. NOT AN EASY BLOCK!! At least the way I made it wasn't easy. I guess if I had followed the online instructions I would have been able to get both of them made in no time ....BUT NO... I had to do it my own way.. the old way. NOT FUN! I spent over 2 hours working on it and got a little over 1/2 way through. I'm going to finish it up the old way but the second block is going to be done using the instructions I found online. Can't believe that any lady (back in the day) would have made a WHOLE quilt from this block, unless they did it completely by hand... too many set in seams for a machine to do it correctly.
Well enough ranting and raving about that... After getting almost nowhere on that blue block, I started making some really easy strip blocks with my blue fabrics. I have blue fabric overflowing EVERYWHERE so it's time to make some scrappy quilts using up at least a tiny bit of my stockpile.


Rebecca P said...

Wow Deb, that is such a beautiful block, but looks so difficult.

I love your blue strips quilt you are working on. The dark blue is so striking.
Since My blocks won't be coming until next year, I decided to make a strip quilt too. My blocks are 6in. & you will never quess what my colors are. ha ha

Northern Deb said...

Could they possibly be PINK?! LOL
I have about 5 more blocks to do on my blue quilt then the borders.. This has been so much fun... mindless sewing :)

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