Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gumdrop Twist Block Pattern

Here's my block for the December Favorite Block at We're doing CHRISTMAS CANDY blocks!

This one I've called Gumdrop Twist (12" finished). VERY EASY!
You cut (5) 4-1/2" squares and (8) 1-1/2" squares (mark these with a pencil on the diagonal) of the white background, (2) 4-1/2" squares of the green and (2) 4-1/2" squares of red.
Then if you are familar with the snowball block, same method... All reds and greens are done the a small white square in the two top corners, sewing across the white block diagonally. Trim the excess off and fold/press the white back to complete the block. Put them together like a 9 patch.. SIMPLE! Just be sure to aim the gumdrops like mine so that they are dancing around the block :)
Email me if you need how to on the snowball corner...

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Molly said...

How very cute, I love your fabric. I can't wait to see more. Take care

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