Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Al's TV quilt made by Lisa!

This is the quilt Lisa made for my hubby, Al, for his TV/movie room. The sashing looks a little pink in my picture but it's kind of a gray/beige.

Al is a car guy, a fix-it guy, and a former state champion of foosball (we're talking WAY former ... as in the 70's). Lisa put all of his favorites into this quilt. He loves Ford cars and trucks, sports, Dots candies, and Route 66. She made this as a gift for him to have in his movie/tv room downstairs. She loves vintage/retro stuff so the TVs are designed as vintage ones. She put paper pieced foosball guys in two of the corners (her and I designed these just for him) and she put some really nice embroidery into the other two corners. One is a Corvette emblem and the other is his nickname, done the way he had it painted onto a shirt back in the 70s. Can you tell she put lots of love into this?! He's crazy about it, of course!


A frog in the quilt said...

Thank you Deb! I am really loving this quilt! Can you tell? She should put it in a show, I know it would win viewers choice by all the guys!
I can't say enough about this quilt, it is so much fun to look at! Lisa is very talented and and really put a lot of love in this one.
BTW, are all those fabrics from your stash? LOL

Northern Deb said...

LOL... yup, Jenell, I finally got it online.
SOME of them were from my stash and some she bought online just for Al. I did get to keep most of her leftovers. Need any? You have plenty of guys that would take another quilt. ;)

Quiltluver said...

That is SO cute! There is so much creativity in this quilt. She did a great job. Karen

Rebecca P said...

What a wonderful job she did. I love the vintage tv's, and well, everything on it. No wonder Al loves it, I can see all the love that went into it.

Rebecca P said...
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