Friday, September 18, 2009

Making friends

I had a fun month of August doing the "Friend of the Month" swap on Nola and I were put together as friends and had a chance to chat back and forth and share recipes. At the end of the month we sent each other a little gift. These are my surprises from Nola. I just love all of it! The navy has already been cut up and is getting worked into my Americana quilt. The pin cushion has travelled to quilt meetings a couple of times now and SOON I will be using the nail file. Im trying to grow mine out a bit first (I have the horrible habit of biting them). I think it's time to get them looking nice and isn't that the best incentive... having a pretty nail file to use (MAYBE I'LL EVEN BUY POLISH!) LOL


Rebecca P said...

What nice goodies, the fabrics are yummy. What a cute pin cushion, did Nola make it.
Looking forward to seeing how your Americana quilt is turning out.
I will tell Penny hi from you, she will be here to sew on Monday.

Lurline said...

Gorgeous blog, Deb - thanks for visiting me!
Hugs - Lurline♥

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