Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest projects

We've finished our round robin quilt tops on www.thequiltandneedle.com. This is last one I worked on... it's Sherry's top and I didnt want to post it here until she received it. Isn't it a beauty?! The colors are so striking. I was lucky to find the pattern that she used in the center so that I could add smaller versions of the center star. This was another top that was hard to put in the mail... It's been brightening up my sewing room for a few weeks.
When my top comes home, I'll post of picture of it. From the pictures I've seen, mine is a winner also :) I plan to add a few more borders to mine to make it a larger quilt. I'd love to be able to use it on my bed.

Guess what I've been working on since the round robin ...LOL?! Yup, Christmas stockings. We're doing a Christmas stocking block swap on block central. I have to make about 14 stockings. We are all using the same sock pattern with our own design of cuff. We each will do our own thing as far as patching the fabric together before cutting out the sock. This has been a nice project to work on in the evenings when I feel like sitting on the couch with some handwork. The sock and the cuff are appliqued onto the background fabric.

I've also been working on my second Americana quilt. The top is almost done. I think I'll wait until spring to quilt it. I have SO MANY projects that need to be ahead of it. Lots of Christmas presents need to be sewn up.


Rebecca P said...

Hey Deb,
The last border looks wonderful! Love how you used the same star & fabrics to tie it together. You are so clever.
Looking forward to seeing mine someday.
Your stockings are darling, yeah I get one. I have several pieced, just need to applique them. Won't be doing that until after vacation.

Sherry said...

Just wanted to say AGAIN how much I LOVE MY ROUND ROBIN!! You did a fabulous job! I will treasure it forever! When I get it done I think I will put it on the wall in my sewing room! It is so colorful!

Northern Deb said...

Sherry, My mom saw your quilt top for the first time tonight and was AWE STRUCK! She thought yours was the prettiest. It sure was fun to tease you when someone added a border and you couldnt look :)

ANudge said...

That is a spectacular round robin. And the stockings are so cute!

Thanks for sharing

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