Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Shirting wheels quilt

Im working on a 6 year old UFO.
Every so often I pull it out and do a block. When I pulled it out a few days ago, I thought "let's just get this one done".
 I only had 5 blocks to go. Not much right? took me 2 HOURS to make one block! Granted, there was a bit of unsewing to account for. These seem straight forward but there needs to be the right amount of contrast in just the right place AND there are two different triangles.
This is not a quilt that can be worked on with a glass of wine handy!
So last night I finished up the last at 10pm.
 Today I'm stitching the blocks into a top. After that it goes into the "to be quilted pile"...yeah, yeah...I know that pile is toppling over.
I'm going to be getting to quilting a top tomorrow so...
Bring on the wine (for my sore shoulder and back).


The Joyful Quilter said...

Love, love, LOVE how your quilt top came together!!

Northern Deb said...

Thank you so much!

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