Sunday, December 2, 2018

I'm hooked on Kale chips

It's that time of year... time to watch what I eat. There are so many yummy food as part of the holidays... Christmas cookies...pumpkin pie...whipped cream...cocktails...chocolates...cheesecake... And I want to enjoy those without regret. Soooo....I'm trying to find healthy snacks and meals for in between. 
These work! They're like eating salty thin potato chips but GOOD for you.
And they're really easy. 
Get some kale...make sure it's dry...cut off all the thick parts (those never get crispy) the cutoffs for veggie soup.
Preheat your oven to 250°F 
Toss the leaves with oil...I use safflower...just a drizzle but use your hands to get it on every leaf. 
Lay them out on a cookie sheet...sprinkle with sea salt (or reg salt)
Bake for 25-30 minutes. 

Eat them as a snack or sprinkle on soup or salads...YUM!

What am I quilting? Well, I'm packing up the sewing room for the move so barely any sewing going on. When I get a few minutes, I have been FMQ my Charlevoix quilt. I plan to baste2 baby quilts in the next few days...these are Christmas, I know...good luck with that. 
It's slow going...and gets even slower when I find pretty UFOs.

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