Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Seven doggies done

Seven done, 8 to go! Almost halfway on this project. One of the dogs will have goggles, instead of eye glasses. We have a dog here in Traverse City that worked at the airport. He died recently of cancer. My grandson was very upset about it... He just loves working dogs. So anyways, the airport dog wore goggles as he worked and I'm going to try to replicate them on one of these guys. The dog was named Piper... Here's a pic of him: 

I found a reflective fabric, a knit, that I hope will work. He had a few pairs of these, one with black trim.... That will be the ones I'll copy since black will look better than yellow in this quilt. 


Karen said...

Thus far, I like the red plaid sweater best.

Northern Deb said...

Me too!

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