Monday, October 2, 2017

October color and UFO

The scrappy color for this month is PINK πŸ’•
I have a good amount of pink scraps to use but I also have this beautiful hunk of Kona Flamingo(this was a birthday gift from my daughter Lisa)..the color of the year😍. I've been waiting to cut into it... just might be the month. Id like to make a two color quilt, Flamingo and a slightly off-white. I haven't decided on a pattern yet though.

So the UFO for October is #6. For me that would be my Vintage Farm Girl blocks, which have been done for 3+ years.. yeah... not holding out hope of getting that done though. I have 2 quilts that HAVE to be done first ...and a table runner. Plus I have company coming to stay for a week, some canning to do, birthday cookies to bake for two family members AND I'll be working two jobs😩. 
Sure is going to be a busy month here....

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