Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Decorating with quilts... Yes, they ARE art

When I created this mini it was as a challenge   ..... I never considered where I would use it afterwards. The colors weren't ones I normally would choose for a quilt but once it was finished I realized it would be a perfect accent in my master bath. This is a temporary location for it...I'm going to find a frame with glass on the front and back to sandwich it between....then hang it above my towel rack.

As I was cleaning the house today...and my sewing room especially ... I tried to come up with a better container for my many scraps. My sweet hubby suggested the bin under the kitchen sink...very funny.
Digging through the basement for plastic totes, this old seed bin almost fell on my head! A Newton moment :) It's a bit rustic on the outside but spotless inside... Fits perfectly with my rustic modern house. And after dumping in my scraps....well... TONS more space! 


Robin said...

What a perfect container for your scraps, it would be cute just having it on display. I'm glad it didn't hit you on the head. Thanks for commenting about my Yellowstone quilt. Every comment is important to me. I'm looking forward to getting it on the frames soon because it is a birthday present for a grandson who turns 11 on November 10th. I better hurry.

Karen said...

I cleaned out a bunch of my scraps this past week. I was getting tired of using the same fabrics over and over. Doing so much applique, those small bits cut off here and there were not using up all the fabric. The pieces were small but will be donated to the local church thrift store. They always have a buyer for them. I like your container. I separate my by color and put them in plastic bags in a big basket.

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