Friday, February 3, 2017

Deadlines LOOMING!

Today started out as a pin basting day. I have this old old UFO to finish up and get mailed off to my brother. The other day I added the final border to get the top done and large enough for a guy. Now just to pin and quilt and bind. AND GET IN THE MAIL BY THE 10th! I've had this in progress for what?...5 years?..and now it's a rush. But sometimes that's what it takes for me to finish up...DEADLINES!!

So then Al wanted to go out for a drive...visit Alright...the quilting can wait a day.
I did get to do some hand sewing as he drove. This EPP quilt is almost finished...well, the TOP is almost finished. This has been IN PROGRESS for over 6 years. It's time to finish it!

Once we got home I worked on scraps a little...cutting strips into 2-1/2" squares.
I just didn't feel like getting on the floor to finish pin basting...maybe in the morning....

1 comment:

Karen said...

The corners of the Dresden Plate block look like bow ties. Good design for a man.

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