Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Scrap organizing

You ever stand back and look at your fabric collection....and just SIGH...not the good sigh like wow what a great bunch of fabrics....no, the other kind.. The "Am I ever going to be able to use all this fabric?" The "when I'm gone someday, are my kids going to be overwhelmed my stash?" Or the " can this out of control stash be organized...cut up...used?" 
Well, that's what I was saying to myself as I stared into my sewing room closet yesterday. 

So starting with this box of leftovers from my Farm Girl Vintage quilt....I'm cutting...chopping...sorting. I started a box with 4-1\2" strips...2-1/2" strips...and 1-1/2" strips.
When I searched my favorite scrap quilt patterns I found most used 2" HSTs, 2" squares, 4"HSTs and squares and 1" strips and squares. So this whole box is getting chopped ...unless it's a really large piece or if it belongs with civil war or 30s (I keep those separate).

Some of the 4-1/2" strips were cut into triangles right away. I'll put a stack in a tin for the next scrappy.

And if you know me at all, I gave a hard time throwing any scraps away....guess that's what got me into this pickle. So when a strip was too small to cut into a 1-1/2", I cut 1/2" strips...and save them in this cute jar. Pretty to look at but there's a purpose here. My back door rug is looking a little worn so it's time to crochet a new one. As this jar fills I'll attach the strips together, roll into balls and store the balls in a basket. Sometime after Christmas I should have enough to make my new rug. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, it's about using it and not how to store it. I pass my long strings on to my Mom who makes the latch rugs with them.

Karen said...

Your scraps look so pretty after cutting them into strips, etc. And how clever to save even smaller strips for a rug.

Northern Deb said...

Yes you're right... it is...I hate to waste anything. Im going to start a donation box with any reds or blues for a quilt of valor group. And my daughter knows a beginning quilter that will take scraps. :)

Northern Deb said...

Thanks Karen. Makes me want to get going on the scrap quilt...just need to finish a few Im working on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
Trina here.
I was wondering what crochet pattern you use for making your rugs?


Northern Deb said...

Hi Trina, I dont use a pattern. I'll do a blog post today or tomorrow telling how. It's really easy...just single crochet.

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