Monday, November 28, 2016

Love my rulers!

Rulers: there are LOADS of them out there. And they're not cheap. But I have to say I love them. This one was around $25 and I think I've gotten my money's worth from it.
This is from Creative Grids's the 45 degree 2-1/2" HST ruler. You can cut 2-1/2" strips and smaller...and you can cut PILES of triangles quickly and accurately. I also use it to cut the 45 on the end of my binding strips. NO I DONT GET PAID BY ANY RULER COMPANY. But when a tool works, I like to share that. For my scrappy civil war quilt I need almost 200 2-1/2" HSTs (2" finish size)
To make them easy to chain stitch, cut a 2-1/2" strip from my red and one from my greige. Lay one strip of each with right sides together (the picture has them the wrong way) and cut the triangles. You get 10 sets with each placement of the ruler. Just stitch on the long side...1/4" seam. Do one after the other then cut apart and press all of them. I do seams open sometimes...seams to the dark sometimes....depends on the quilt.
I've used this ruler for SO MANY QUILTS...seems this is one of the most popular HSTs used in blocks.
I made CORN AND BEANS block...LADY OF THE LAKE ....INDIAN WEDDING RING...CROWN OF THORNS...HST borders....and much more with this one.


Barb H said...

Like you, when I find a good ruler that delivers on it's promises, I love it. I cut HST the exact same way but with an Easy Angle ruler. I get perfect HST now with little need to unsew as in the past. Thanks for sharing.

Northern Deb said...

Barb, Yes! Another good one! I have the easy angle too and love it. I can make whatever HST size I need with that one. Also love the companion angle. Those two in combination are great for flying geese.

Karen said...

Rulers are an important part of quiltmaking in modern times. I have some basic ones that I use on a regular basis and a few that come in handy now and then. I do give thought before purchasing new ones unless replacing an older one. I think it through to see if a ruler I already have will work and produce the same result.

Northern Deb said...

Exactly! I have lots...more than I probably need but if it was a timesaver or improved my accuracy I bought it. Some guilds buy them to share with the members...I think thats a great solution!

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