Monday, July 8, 2013

Working on a hexagons and a competition quilt

I've been very busy working on my Judie Rothermel 25th anniversary competition quilt. I'm putting together the final two blocks that make up the quilt center and then I'll be ready to start borders. It needs to be completely done (quilted and bound) by the end of July. I can't show a picture of it but here's a picture of what else I've been doing....

Daughter Jenn wants to make a hexi quilt using 1" papers. Whenever I have a little spare time, or when I'm tired of machine sewing, I work on some of these. She wants a large variety of fabrics but mostly muted or dull. My scraps from the civil war quilts work well. She's going to set them like this... with a white or cream between each "flower". It's going to a pretty one!


Rebecca P said...

I love those Hexy's Deb, it's going to be such a neat quilt. I've always wanted to make hexy's but just haven't tried them.
How is Mom?

Northern Deb said...

Hi Rebecca! Mom is doing great... she always surprises the docs. She just had her checkup from the second double bypass and the doctors say they don't need to see her again for a YEAR! Now she's working to get her strength back. She's still on a feeding tube and has a trachea but is hoping to get rid of those in the future. Good to hear from you!