Thursday, May 2, 2013

Name that quilter..

On Friday mornings, here in Charlevoix, we quilters get together at Hearts to Holly Quilt shop to chat and eat and... eat.. and chat... OH, we also show our projects and do some hand work but mostly we seem to eat and chat :) Sue, the owner, has a sister that is an amazing baker. She makes the treats, Sue makes the coffee and we all show up.

Not too many things will get me up at 7:30am on a day off but if you want a seat, you need to be at "Chattertime" at the beginning, at 8:30. This started out as a pretty small group but through the 5 years it's REALLY grown.

Anyone can join us... if you're in town and a quilter, stop by. We all meet most Friday mornings in the shop's classroom. Lately there have been many new ladies dropping in to join us. We don't always know each others names so Sue suggested we stitch ourselves name tags. I've been putting off making mine because I've been busy with other things. Well, after work today I stitched mine up. Using scraps from a new line that came in a couple of days ago, I came up with my summer tag (I might do another for fall)... nothing too hard... something I could stitch up in a few hours.

To get my name on the center fabric, I ironed a piece of white to freezer paper and trimmed it to a size that would go through my printer. After it printed off, I set it with a hot iron and then cut the name area down to the size I wanted for the center. I use the same process for making quilt labels.
Another project done....that was fun!

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Di said...

What a cute, bright and friendly-looking name tag you've made, Deb! Great work :-)

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