Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day and a great day for relaxing.... OR QUILTING :) Look at these beautiful lilacs blooming by the barn... smell SO good.

Al and I will be getting together with family later in the day but right now I thought I would work on a few projects.

Jenn and I were at a retreat in March and both made a Mondo Bag (from Quiltsmart). She wasn't happy with her interior. We decided that I would make another one, in colors of her choice and I would keep the one she made (it matches on of my quilts perfectly so I could store that in it).

These are the ones we made on retreat... the one she gave me is the pink one.

 For her new one, I'm using solids that she picked out of my storage bin. The lining is one I bought on a trip.. it has most of the colors she had picked. I have two of the four panels done... you iron the squares onto the marked interfacing then fold and stitch. How easy is that?!
 Here's two more panels and squares that need to be put together. This is a "no brainer" type of pattern. Takes a little time but really really easy. Just make sure the sticky side is up on your fusible interfacing! Know of a lot of ladies that have ironed it to their boards instead of to the squares ;)
 This is my other project for today... when I get bored working on the bag. It's a cross-stitch piece I found at a goodwill store. Won't it make a cute center for a quilt room pillow? After all the work someone put into it, it had to come home with me (and for 99 cents!).


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely bags - what a find in the sampler and at a great price! Enjoy your day.

Karen said...

Seeing the lilacs reminds me of home when I was a child. There was a large lilac bush growing outside one of my bedroom windows. So pretty and fragrant in the spring. We can't grow them here in Florida or I would have one.

Northern Deb said...

As we were driving to Traverse City to visit with our daughters, we were looking at all the lilac bushes. Wow! Seems everyone had at least one one their property. Some of the farms had rows of them running along the driveway. Yes, I would really miss them if I moved to somewhere too warm for them to grow.

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