Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today Al and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary... 31 years. It sure doesn't feel like that long. I don't think we'll be going out for dinner until tomorrow... we both thought today was the 22nd until I was working on the computer and noticed that it's the 23rd.
 Al just got back from Colorado where he picked up a sewing machine for me... yes, I know that's a bit of a drive but I love my Pfaff and I wanted another just like it. A lady from Colorado had an ad for one exactly like mine BUT hers was only used once or twice (this machine is from the 90's and was built in Germany). WELL, that was one I had to have.
Als buddy from high school lives out west of Denver. He has been wanting to visit for quite a while. This was the perfect chance to do that. With me having kind of a busy week, I thought it would be best for him to go alone. He got out there just fine but ended up with altitude sickness... we live near Lake Michigan and his buddy is up over 10000 ft. His friend took good care of him but Al didn't stay as long as he had planned... he took off for Colorado Springs to pick up my machine and then headed back. That's a lot of driving just to make your wife happy....Isn't he the sweetest!?!
The new machine is over at the sewing repair shop getting a good going over. The grease is pretty dry so they are going to clean it, oil it and make sure everything is in good working order. It sure sounded great when we did a test run with it.
This book below is a gift from one of my quilting friends. She is cleaning out and thought that I would like it. It's an old quilt pattern book from the 70's with drawings of over 1000 blocks. It's already a favorite of mine. Thanks Vicky!!!!
My latest project (well, one of three going on right now) is this Amish With A Twist BOM.

Sue gave me the bag full of fabrics to make the quilt top and I've started it... but just barely. With any luck, I'll get block two and three done today. This is block one plus some of the border pieces. One of the things I like about this pattern, besides the use of all solids, is the way they have you making border pieces as you make blocks. By the time you are done with the blocks, most of the stripped border work is done too!
I'm also quilting a graduation quilt and piecing Jenn's wedding quilt. The graduation is coming up so I want that finished up SOON so that I can get it into the mail.
Jenn's shower isn't until mid July so I have a little time before that has to be finished.
Of course there are lots of other ufos and started projects hanging around the sewing room but I'm really trying to concentrate on finishing up the important ones.

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