Friday, May 4, 2012

Made a mug rug for someone

It's great to be back home and back stitching away in my sewing room. Someone sweet helped me locate a yard of a gray Martinique fabric that I needed to finish up Jenn's wedding quilt so I decided to make her a little something as a thank you. This is a free online pattern to make the paper pieced mug... It was pretty simple to turn it into a mug rug. It's it a cute pattern? My friend Pat used this paper piece when we did a mug rug swap a while back.
Tonight I'm going back down to sew some more. I'll be working on the wedding quilt, a gift quilt and maybe if I get bored with those two, a new sample for the shop. It's a BEAUTY! 

1 comment:

Di said...

What a clever little mug rug! I love making and giving "just because" gifts.

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