Saturday, October 22, 2011

UFO list going down

I've had a chance the last few weeks to work on my UFOs. This first one was going to for a gift but I changed my mind. I'm donating to mom's church for their auction. Hope it's gets them a few dollars. I used lots of 6" squares that I traded with my friends from our old forum, Block Central... sure miss that place. The backing was a sale fabric from Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop. It was bright and had most of the colors from the top. If anyone is interested in how I made this quilt (VERY EASY), go to this page: of my blog.Now here's the quilt that started off being the donation quilt but changed to the gift quilt. The blocks were made by a friend up here in Charlevoix. She didn't have any plans to use them and said if I could make use of them, go ahead. Well they turned out much prettier than I expected. Used plain white for every other block, set them all on point then added a large white border. I had the navy and white floral background in my stash. The batting was in my stash also.
Both of these quilts were quilted on my home machine.... nothing fancy, just a meander/stipple pattern.
I finished up the sample quilt, Aunt Grace's Garden Party and that turned out really nice too. I don't have a picture yet but it's hanging up in the quilt store. It's going to be a block of the month starting in Nov. If anyone wants to make that one, give the store a call.

Now, for anyone wondering how my mom is doing... well, Al and I are downstate at mom's right now. The church auction is tomorrow and I'll be going with my sister, my niece and some of mom's friends. Mom is not up to going since she just got out of the hospital. Her voice is starting to come back, sounds a little stronger to me. She's fed up with her thickened liquids but knows she doesn't have a choice for right now. We all hope that her throat will get back it's ability to swallow. Mom has her bypass coming up in the beginning of November and we're all anxious for that. The hope is that this will be the fix that takes care of the stroke symptoms. Thanks to all of you that have her in your thoughts and prayers.

This past week was Grandma's birthday. She was 103!!! A few of you have asked me how she's doing. Grandma is just like the enegizer bunny...just keeps going. Her vision is gone is one eye and the other is almost gone. She's been legally blind for years. She seems to get around the nursing home just fine though... uses a walker and feels her way down the hallways. I made her a Charlevoix Apple Cake... the same ones we sell every fall at the apple fest. Anyone still making those? (I posted this recipe on block central a few years ago). I know a few husbands that are addicted to this cake ...right Jenell? LOL This is one of grandma's favorite cakes.

Well, off to bed. Busy day tomorrow.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I agree with your change of mind and heart. The bright quilt is a great raffle quilt. The blue and white (fav 2-color quilt) is just beautifully set and the slight scallop in the border is perfect. Bless your gran - 103!

Rebecca P said...

Hi Deb,
So good to see you posting. Your X quilt is so neat, just love the blue & white one, hum, good pattern for pink & white hu?
I am so glad you Mom is doing a little better. Will be keeping her & you in my thoughts & prayers for her up coming surgery. I know about that thickening stuff, my Mom hated it too, but it is so important.
Ah to be like your Grandmother, one who doesn't give up, & lives her life to the fullest in spite of hicups in life.
Take care my friend, you are always on my mind.

Jeannette said...

Always enjoy the peeks at your creativity. I realize the family updates aren't for strangers, but best to all your all seem to hang together well through thick and thin. Any witness of those gracefully meeting suffering is always a good please tell your grandma you bragged about her on your blog and that a woman in California sends her best and may your mom's journey be in the grace and comfort of the Lord.

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