Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping Today

Al and I went shopping in Scottsdale today... in the old town area. He's still coughing and blowing his nose.. but you just can't get that guy to lay down or sit still. I told him to stay home BUT NO! LOL... I took him to dinner to make him feel better. We went to a brick oven pizza place that was REALLY good. Had a couple of nice salads.
Then we went shopping for a gift for my mother's 75th birthday. I just love sterling silver slides in Native American designs. I have a few and I was looking for one for mom... found the perfect one.. a cross with an opal in the center. I think she'll like it. Also got her a box of SEE's chocolates. We can't get these back home. My uncle from CA sends us some once in a while and Al and I love them. Not sure if Mom has ever tried them. We bought her dark chocolate nut and carmels. Hope they make it back to Michigan without freezing on the way.

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Caron said...

I LOVE old town Scottsdale! Open your window and hollar hello to my brother for me, would you? He lives there. Enjoy!

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