Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finished the Ugly Challenge Quilt Top!

I finished the quilt top that I made for the UGLY fabric challenge on Quilt and Needle. The fabric is in the center of each star. I started out really hating this fabric and then it grew on me. Now I like it. I picked all the colors for the quilt from the ugly. It had a pretty blue gray, teal, dusty gold, rust, black, brown and white. The blue gray, teal, rust and olive greens are surrounding each center, then I added black points on the stars. The plaid is black and dusty gold. It's hard to see the border but I surrounded the quilt with brown. As soon as JoAnns has the batting on sale, I'll start quilting this. I'm going to bind it with black.


Millie said...

What a beautiful quilt you made from the Ugly Challenge Quilt Top...congrats!

Blessed said...

You have done a lovely job of turning something "ugly" into something very beautiful. Well done.

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