Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain!

This is a picture from yesterday as we were leaving my BILs house... check out the Superstition Mountains! Aren't they beautiful with the low clouds? It's been raining cats and dogs here lately and today the roads are all flooding. We're going to spend some time inside... at the library, shopping then at home sewing. I would like to finish up quilting the childs quilt today... tomorrow is the Tucson Quilt show :) I'll be sure to take some pics.


Scrapatches said...

Very striking photo, Deb!
:-) Pat

Rebecca P said...

I agree with Pat, wonderful photo.
It's has been raining steady for days here. I do love the rain, just not to wild about the wind with all our tall trees.
What did you BIL say when you gave him his southwestern quilt?
Have fun at the quilt show, but then I don't think that will be

Quilting Comfort said...

Get ready Deb. I think the rain that just when through Calif is heading your way and what a duzzy it was

Northern Deb said...

Oh, Candy, you were SO right! We got the rain and wind from CA... knocked down some trees around here.. overturned a few trucks but mostly just made a mess of things.

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