Friday, January 29, 2010

Phoenix Quilt Craft Sew

Here's a great quilt idea to use our 30's strips from BC. I have this diamond template at home. It's a beauty! I love the soft white they used with this... kind of a creamy white and a nice buttercup yellow border.
The strips looked to be about 1" (1-1/2 unfinished). It was at a booth selling sewing machines ...not sure what pattern it is.

We had a great time at the show ... I bought LOTS of fabrics there, and at other quilt stores afterwards. I went to the show with a friend that knows the area. She drove us to a bunch of shops before and after the show. Put quite a dent in the checking account! I may not have money for food for the next few weeks but I'll be able to sew up a storm :)


Rebecca P said...

All I can say is I love it. That would be perfect for our 30's strips. humm. I already bought a pattern at my lqs to use for the 30's. Maybe the next one.

Quilting Comfort said...

Just when I think I have decided what pattern to use my 30s strips someone shows another beauty. Thanks for the eye candy


Kathie said...

beautiful quilt I love 30's but this would look good in any fabrics I bet
can't wait to see yours!!!

Scrapatches said...

Deb ... thanks, again, for posting pictures of these quilt show beauties. I love how you show us the details and offer the how-to's! The diamond or the star would both be lovely in the 30's strips. Thanks! Decisions, decisions!

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