Friday, November 8, 2019

Time marches on...

This past month has been hard...Dad is moving out of the family home and into a senior apartment, his decision.
The house is just too large for him.
Since mom passed away, he's been slowly giving her stuff away and BOY did she have stuff! Mom loved Lladro and Old Country Rose china... She loved crystal and Fitz and Floyd. So much stuff!
One of dad's solutions to who gets what, is to give items back to the giver. He gave me back the quilts I made her...there were 4. 
One was put in the casket with her because she was always was a flannel lap quilt. 
The second was admired by my daughter so I gave that to her. 
The third was always on the guest bed where my brother's stayed and he liked that went to him. 
And the final one was this Eleanor Burns pattern, Magic Vine variation. 

It was used on mom and dad's bed for years. I gave this to my sister. 
This was made/finished in 2008 and is one of the few labeled quilts. The flowers are all appliqued and it was my first attempt at FMQ (sort of). 

It was fun to go through all these old memories but also hard....end of an era. That house was always the Holiday house...jammed with decorations, food and family!

Time for the next generation to take over. My daughter will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. And once our house is finished, we'll be able to have Christmas there.

With these two monkeys, it should be a fun party!

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