Autumn top is finished...on to the quilting

This week I was able to make all the geese, stitch them into border pieces, add those borders then the final black borders...

Have any of you noticed your eyesight going as you get older....and it's giving you headaches as you sew? I think I might need new glasses...some kind of readers. After an hour or so of sewing my head is just to be the eye strain. It's really cramping my style...this aging thing!

Anyways, the top is finished so I stitched up a back (so happy that I had a good sized piece in my stash that worked). It's half pinned...I'll finish up tomorrow morning. . 

This is my favorite pinning tool. It's called the KWIK KLIP. If you pin many quilts you HAVE to try it. I was very skeptical when I was first told about it but tried it. Bought one for for a for my daughter...well, you get it. Love it! 
Back to pinning....

Maybe...just maybe, I'll get this finished up in the next few days. I need a May finish


I just love this quilt, so my style and color.
Northern Deb said…
Thanks...I really love it too. It's going to be the perfect quilt for October.
Karen said…
I like flying geese borders for quilts. The way you added space between the main body of the quilt and the geese lets both shine.

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