Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting lots of sewing done

I've been working on getting caught up with all my LITTLE projects. The block below is for the BLOCK FRENZY at Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop. I won the last ones... the Halloween group... and so I got to pick the next fabric group for the frenzy. I picked the ones below... nice warm colors... called "Pin Money".
 And this is just part of a row robin I'm doing for someone. I named this block "Nettie's Crocuses". I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog so I think it's safe to post a pic... and it's only a peek.. not the whole row.

And this is the Halloween quilt top so far. I'm adding the final border right now... a gray one with spiders. Then I'll quilt it and bind it with black.

And finally, the quilt that I'm doing as I do the stuff above (I get bored and have to switch projects). It's half quilted... center about done and then I'll work on the borders.
It feels good to have so many projects finishing up... BIG SMILES :)


Mary-Kay Colman said...

I'm telling! Just kidding. They look pretty cool! They will go great with her original row. I've seen some of the ones Nettie has made and she really put some thought in to them. The finished quilts should be amazing.

Northern Deb said...

SEAL YOUR LIPS, Mary-Kay!! I can't wait to see the quilts either. There's two more I need to work on and then it'll be time for the big reveal. Just got Glorias and I love what Annette did with that I (Coffee time!).

Calico_Quilter0321 said...

Happy to see your many projects in progress. I've come back around to quilting, realizing it's something I LOVE to do. I'm ready to start a good handful of projects because it seems there's so much I would like to work on, so much fun, so little time, so there you go! Happy quilting!

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