Friday, August 17, 2012

Quilting the wedding quilt

Where have I been?! WELL... Jenn and Jon will be getting married in a couple of weeks so wedding prep has been keeping Al and I very busy. I have a list of things that still need to be done before the big day and even though I am slowly checking off items from the list daily, it's still a very long list. But we're getting there.

Yesterday I received a call from my youngest brother ... he lives in SC. He informed me that he won't be able to make it to the wedding... we knew this... with his job (executive pastry chef at an exclusive resort... yes, I'm proud of him) we knew he'd be busy on Labor Day weekend. BUT since he can't make it, he decided to send chocolate truffles... over 300 of them! Now we aren't sure how well these are going to ship ... if they'll stay unmelted... unbroken...unspoiled... all the way here but we're crossing our fingers and hoping they do. He makes the BEST desserts!

One of the items on my checklist that has been completed is the ring bearers pillow. Remember the ones from years ago... white... with satin... maybe a little lace ruffle... ribbons... WELL, that's not going to work in this wedding. Jenn's wedding will be rustic and elegant (yes, I think that is possible...sort of). Burlap... barn wood... some cream lace... vintage items... greenery.. grasses... not too much in the way of flowers unless you can pick them on the side of the road. I had my doubts about all of this until I started checking some of the pictures she sent me of weddings with this style. Surprisingly it can be VERY beautiful. 

During the past two weeks I managed to get a little time in to shop for fabric... well... if the truth be told, I was working at the quilt shop at the time but it was slow and there was this tempting bolt of purple pansies ... and there were these wonderful batiks ... and well... one thing led to another... and as you can see below, I'll be working on a beautiful blue quilt after the wedding is over. The gray background fabric is a new one to the shop (and it's almost gone). It's perfect to set off these purples, blues, teals, aquas and greens. There are about 5 different pattern ideas floating around in my head right now... maybe something somewhat modern... and easy... don't want to do too much thinking on this one. The only fabric I'm not happy with is the third one from the bottom on the right. Just a little too white for the gray. Until I took this picture I thought I liked it with the rest.
 These will be placed on the shelf for now .... another tempting pile to stare at me until I have the time.  

And finally, here's what else I've been doing with all my spare time (yes that's sarcasm!). Jenn's wedding quilt top is complete and pinned so I've started the quilting. As of this morning it's 1/4 of the way done. By the weeks end it needs to be finished so that I can concentrate on other things... like the dress I'm wearing to her wedding (needs to be shortened)... and her dress (needs hooks for the bustle)... and the house needs a good cleaning (mom and dad, my brother and my neice will be staying at my house) .. and the list goes on......and on... and on....  

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Impera_Magna said...

You are a VERY busy lady right now! I know everything for the wedding will get done and be perfect... and that your daughter and hubby-to-be will love that gorgeous quilt!

Take care and don't over do....


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