Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stitching up a LITTLE quilt ...just for the fun of it

 This is Jenn's old bedroom... she moved out and it's starting to become a child's room. SOMEDAY I may have grandchildren and this would be a perfect place for them to stay at grandmas house. I've kept her old teddies and added some Dr. Suess books (my fav), some dolls and now some doll qults. The rocker is my mom's rocker from when she was a girl
 The little quilt is something I stitched up the other day with some scraps. Somedays you just have to sew a little fun project and get away from the "have to do" things. It was a fun break.
 This is a computer rendition of Pat's Pines. I added the tutorial for it HERE. I made one block yesterday.. just fooling around again. I think I'll make the whole quilt, I really like it.
And here is Al's den... all painted. We moved the rug and a few other things back in last night. The chair is only there for a little while until we decide what else is going in. He wants a new desk and my old couch is going to be reuphostered. We are going to search antique stores for a corner cabinet or bookshelf... maybe get a coffee table... and well.. we'll see what else. Doesn't my friend Mer's painting look great up on the wall? Al couldn't wait to get that hung.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a sweet little bedroom! WOnderful little quilt, but also love the big quilts.

Impera_Magna said...

Oh, I can just see a little granddaughter tucked in that bed and her dolly tucked under that doll quilt... she'll definitely have sweet dreams...

The new den is looking good!

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