Monday, November 21, 2011

Farmer's Wife Blocks from class

Here's some of my finished blocks from my Farmer's Wife class at Hearts to Holly Quilt shop. We've been working on these for over a year now doing about 4 or 5 a month. I think I have 50 done so this is just a small sample of my blocks. I'm doing the first 55 or so in 30's repro prints and then I'm going to change to civil war repros for the second 55.
This is Wrench #2: And here is Weathervane #100:Morning #57: Maple Leaf #56: Linoleum #55:Friendship Star#41:Contrary Wife #21: Churn Dash #20: and finally Calico Puzzle #16: Now that the quilt blocks for the first quilt are just about done, I'm thinking about settings. I may put them on point since there are a few basket blocks. Those look best on point to me. I suppose every other block will be plain... maybe a sashing between? Not sure. Whatever I pick, I'll probably do the second set (the civil war colored blocks) with the same setting. I want two very similar quilts when I'm done. Maybe two twin sizes? I might have to get creative in my borders if they're not large enough.
If anyone is considering doing Farmer's Wife and wants an easy way to make them, give Sue at Hearts to Holly a call... or email her. She still has packets for making all the blocks. You can get them through the mail... you'll get the instructions for about 5 blocks a month... It's about $10 per month plus shipping cost. This program has paper piecing, pieced applique, regular piecing... well, it has it all... the creator of the program has you making each block in the easiest way. We're really having fun with these. And if you live in the Traverse City/Charlevoix area, give the shop a call and join our class.


Trina said...

Deb, I love the idea of using 1930s fabric for the Farmer's wife quilt. Hopefully I will get around to making mine. The blocks are lovely.

Jamie Lee said...

I love the 30's prints! They are so cheerful!

I am part of the Yahoo group and am going to post a link to a twin size Farmer's Wife quilt that started my interest in doing the quilt.

Starwood Quilter said...

I loved looking at all of your blocks. I like the idea of making two twin-sized quilts - each in different styles of fabric. I'm making my Farmer's Wife in scraps to go along with my grandmother's 1916 diary.

lorene said...

oh I love your FW 30's blocks!!!! that's how I want to do mine. you gave me lots of ideas!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those Deb!! So darn cute!


Tiffaney said...

Love your 30's blocks!

RETRO-Fabulous Blog said...

Love the 30s! I have plenty on hand, too. Originally, I planned one mod fabrics and another in Kaffes but am getting bored....mixing in some 30s and breaking them in half might be just what I need.
Thanks for the idea!!

Rebecca P said...

Love your blocks Deb, will be a wonderful quilt.
I have the book & want to do the blocks in Civil war fabric, just need to find the time.

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