Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa's workshop has closed!

I finished up the last Christmas gift and everything has been shipped! Putting the sewing machine away till after the holiday.... AHHHH... now to put up my feet.. OH WAIT, I forgot... now I've got to get cooking and baking.

Lisa will be here for Christmas along with her boyfriend (I think), and Jenn is coming with her boyfriend so were going to have a nice get together. But we need food! Lisa and Josh are vegans so I usually make two different types of cookies and snacks. It's a bit of a challenge to cook for vegans but I've found some interesting foods that I enjoy ... foods I probably wouldn't have tried if it wasn't for Lisa. Growning up, if someone mentioned eating TOFU I would have crinkled my nose up but now I've found some types I really like. I just have to remember to follow the recipes. I forgot to put the sugar in the pumkin tofu pie that I made for Thanksgiving... that was NOT good!

I mailed off all the Christmas cookies that I baked. I traded cookies for crab with one brother that lives on the coast of CA. He's a fisherman and he gets the BEST crabs. I've been dreaming of these for a while and yesterday a box of them showed up on my front porch. Al and I munched on cookies and crab last night. I don't want to think about how much butter we consumed yesterday... between going out to breakfast at The Original Pancake House (they use REAL butter and cream), having all that crab dipped in butter and then eating loads of butter cookies... well.. I guess this Mrs Claus is going to fit the image this year! We packed the last of the cookies up last night and Al is mailing those today so now it's time to bake for us.

Don't know if I've mentioned that I'm having problems with my right hand. With all the sewing, and cutting and rolling out dough and working, my hand has taken a beating. It's swollen between the knuckles and is burning. Hopefully after Christmas it'll calm down. I can hardly write so I'm having Al write out some Christmas cards... my handwriting is with my left hand and it looks worse than chicken scratch. Last night I took a couple of Aleves to help reduce the swelling and I think it worked... somewhat. I'm typing... slowly... hopefully I won't have to cut much fabric at work today.


Jeannette said...

So many things are better with butter...but I hear you...I need to start being much more careful.

Have you ever taken fish oil supplements? It would help with your hand...if you take it every day. Get a good brand... It is a great anti-inflammatory and good for your eyes and heart and other important systems. Merry Christmas to you. I have enjoyed your blog over the year.

scraphappydenise said...

Deb - so sorry to hear that your hand is giving you troubles.... is it arthritis?
Sounds like you'll have a house full. It must feel good to have all your gifts done and taken care of.

Rebecca P said...

Sorry you are having trouble with your hand, no fun.
How wonderful to have a large group for Christmas. I love a house filled with noise & laughter.
Happy Christmas my friend.

Anonymous said...

Deb, look at the butter thing this way - you rarely do this, right? It's only once or twice - so no big deal! Enjoy it.
As for the hand, ice and heat, and a brace might work, too. It sounds like overuse - happens as we get a bit older (NOT that I'm saying you're old! LOL)But try to take it easy for now - the fish oil supplements sound good - I should look into those for us.
Have a good week, friend. Do a little each day - and Al can help.
Hugs, Gerda

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