Thursday, October 14, 2010

Batik Pillow Pattern

Thought I would show you my newest project. I just finished making a pillow that will be a class and a pattern. I took a break from some of my current projects to get this done so that the shop could have the sample. Now it's back to working on round robins and a Halloween quilt (hope it's done for THIS Halloween!). BOY, you should see the MESS in my sewing room... a disaster!!


jual grosir batik said...

nice I love it, I'll come back soon

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Rebecca P said...

Very pretty Deb, love the colors. How big is the pillow? I ask because there are a lot of blades in the d-plate.
Wish I lived closer to you, I would love to have a sew day with you, or just hang out.

Northern Deb said...

Rebecca, the pillow is 16" square. The blades are cut from a metal template that Hearts to Holly carries. You cut 8 blades to use in a 6" block but I decided to use 8" blocks so that I would have a larger pillow. The metal template is the best one I've ever used... has a sandpaper type back to it that really grips the fabric. I cut these 4 at a time with no sliding.

Northern Deb said...

Here's the place to get the templates online (I used the solid FANTASTIC FAN template):