Monday, August 23, 2010

Making a miniature civil war quilt

I decided to finish up a few projects that were hanging around the sewing room. This was one of them. I started making a bunch of mini 9 patch blocks when I was in Arizona in the winter. I have lots of small pieces of civil war fabrics and they're all so cute, I hate to throw even the smallest bit out. Today I put them together with the green patches and then added the hst border (1/2" blocks). I fussy cut a few of the pieces so that some of the prettier parts show in the quilt. There's a bee, a cat's head, some star flowers, and a few other "I spy" pieces. The quilt is 7" square. This was a challenge to make but lots of fun... just have to add a label to the back of it.


Rebecca P said...

That is so lovely Deb. I love Civil War fabrics. I took a class one time to make some small quilts. It was challenging, but like yours, the results are great.

Anonymous said...

I love this one mom! Thanks again for the 30's fabric, Josh was so excited!


Northern Deb said...

Glad you like it, Lisa... it's going to be yours. Sending it in the next package along with some more charms