Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is the start of the rose quilt (happy blocks from blockcentral). I made every other block... the 4 patches surrounded by white. I have lots of pretty rose fabrics that I wanted to add into this quilt. I received MANY pretty blocks and this is only a small portion of them...most of these have solid fabrics bordering the roses. I have more that will be going into another quilt. 

The other quilt will be for my mom... It will be more floral which I think will be something she'll like. Mom's father grew roses and we've always loved them. She really likes pink and yellow so that will be the main colors in the next quilt. BUT for now, I have to hide this quilt top. I may change my mind and give her this one. Depends on how I decide to border it... Mom is coming for a visit. She lives downstate and gets only a few weeks a year to come up and stay with us. 


Rebecca P said...

That is looking so pretty like I knew July's theme would. Such pretty fabrics. Looking forward to see how you quilt it & finish it.

sewandsew said...

Love the idea of the four patches in white to soften out the roses so to speak. It gives it uniformity as well. Beautiful job!! You have so much talent and a great eye for color!!

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